benjaminhick {youknowwhat}

pattern smith group
ddbb is part of PSG. – because patterns make the world go round
Nothing to say in particular, but

Founded by Diane Bergmann & Benjamin Hickethier,
in 1998 in former Westberlin.
The name’s but sound and smoke.

‹die Diebe› is German for ‹the thieves›.
This doesn’t or mustn’t say anything at all.

Internships and the like
It is flattering to receive internship or even employment applications,
but please, recognize what this here is all about.
There is absolutely no possibility for internships etc. at ‹die Diebe›, sorry.
I’d like to ask back with brsma: Why do I still get applications from young designers who don't have any idea about what their recipient is doing?!